Challenge - Number Two: 1/13 - 1/27


Create an application/algorithm that recommends which stocks to invest or sell based off of the growth or decline over time. Requires 8 stocks. 


Things to Know:

Best Time to Buy: 

The best time to invest into a stock is when the price has been declining for a period of time and begins showing signs of life by slightly growing. The application will tell the user to invest into a stock if it meets the qualifications as described above. 

Best Time to Sell:

The best time to sell a stock is when the stock has been growing over a period of time and begins to show signs of slight decline. The application will want tell the user the stocks that fit this qualification should be sold. 



The application must show the percentage of change in the stock over a timeline of a month. 

The application must show the name, price and stock symbol of the eight stocks. 

The application must show a buy or sell badge next to the stocks based off the best time to sell and best to to buy description above. 

The application must have 8 stocks, you get to choose.

The application can use any language, though you will want some type of frontend to display the data and a backend to do the calculations. A language like Python or PHP would be recommended. 




  • Accuracy: The application recommendation should be accurate
  • Efficiency: Make sure your code is as efficient as possible
  • Integrity: We don't tolerate cheaters
  • Simplicity: Don't overcomplicate things, keep things as simple as possible


There will be 1 winner announced a few days after the deadline. The winner will receive a shoutout on social media and will win a free shirt AND mug. Remember all submissions must be submit ALL YOUR CODE to for your chance to win. Good luck!