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icodestuff.io is a place that sells cool software merch and post a bunch of unique software memes only programmers will understand. We are very niche and consider ourselves close to our market since we were built by a few developers. 


Be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook as we post some of the best software memes that only programmers will understand. Unlike most programming meme pages we try to be unique and not to continuously recycle old content that isn't to say we won't at all but not as frequent as other pages. Our username on both facebook and instagram is: @icodestuff.io 


We currently sell three types of products: 

  • T-Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Coffee Mugs

We may potentially add more items to catalog if there is demand for other items. Another unique thing to note that our product names are symbolically named for programers, the patter generally is "class ProductName extends Category" and the product description will contain code descriptions written primarily in PHP because the founders of icodestuff.io are fluent in the language. Another interesting point is that icodestuff actually creates inventory in the US and doesn't dropship from Aliexpress as we know shipping times from them can be excruciating. 

Code Challenges

I code stuff loves to engage with the programming community and what better way to do that then offer software challenges that include prizes like free product and shoutouts from our social media platforms. The challenges will often be fairly easy and new ones will be created weekly. The challenges will never be limited to a specific language, but PHP will generally be preferred. Some of these challenges can range from sorting a simple algorithm or creating a minified search engine. Be sure to follow our blog as that is where the challenges will be announced weekly. All support for challenges can be contacted here: challenges@icodestuff.io